Alaya Furniturewalla Is Giving Us Major Breakfast Goals While Holidaying In Maldives


The pristine blue waters of the Maldives and a lavish floating breakfast served in the luxury of a private pool — it’s the perfect way to start your day! Actress Alaya Furniturewalla had one such experience a few days ago. She shared a photo on Instagram, where she’s seen looking at a large floating tray full of delicious breakfast delicacies, with a mesmerising view of the ocean in the background. Looks like Alaya had one unforgettable experience! On her floating breakfast tray, we see a healthy bowl of muesli, which is a staple breakfast choice for many.

Among the other food items on the tray, we could spot two glasses of fresh drinks. One of the glasses is filled with what looks like strawberry juice, while the other glass contains a sparkling blue drink that resembles the blue lagoon.

Alaya is also relishing a scrumptious dish that is made using fresh buns. Do not miss the platter with omelette. Alaya is indeed having fun in the Maldives while not missing out on a dreamy breakfast platter.

She captioned the post, “Wait 30 mins after you eat before you swim” Meanwhile..”

Alaya seems to be a complete foodie. She keeps her followers updated with her gastronomic adventures from time to time. Some time ago, she said that she was going on a strict 30-day diet. But before that, she chose to have a decadent pizza for herself. She posted a picture gorging on a slice of pizza. The cheesy pepperoni pizza looked yummy and we wanted to have one for ourselves. Take a look at it here.

In a funny video on Instagram, Alaya showed her immense love for food. She was on set shooting. Initially, she refused to have mouth-watering jalebis and vada pav like a diet-conscious person would do. But eventually, she decided to chomp on it alone when no one was watching. In this hilarious video, she gets caught red-handed while eating. Read more about it here.

When it comes to food, Alaya has an amazing spice tolerance and we have proof. In one of her videos, she took the challenge of trying out the notoriously famous 2x ramen noodles with double spice seasoning. That’s not it, she bites into a piece of green chili in between!

Have Alaya Furniturewalla’s food adventures made you hungry?


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