70-Year-Old Nagpur Man Sells Poha To Make Ends Meet; Internet Is Touched By His Story


There’s no dearth of motivational stories on social media. We can easily find all kinds of content by just writing a few words in the search bar or while scrolling through social media. However, only a few stories make a permanent impression on our hearts. These are the images and videos that become viral in an instant and could range from being happy, emotional or even inspirational! And recently, one such viral video which is making us feel all kinds of emotions is the story of Jayanti Dada, a 70-year-old man, who is selling poha chana chivda on his cycle!

In a video uploaded by Instagram user @abhinavjeswani, we see a street vendor carrying his bicycle and a warm smile, selling poha chana chivda. The video begins with Jayanti Dada taking out a paper and preparing poha on it. He first adds a handful of prepared poha. He then tops it with murmura, kala chana, masalas and serves it!

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According to the @abhinavjeswani, Jayanti Dada sells his poha for only INR 20 per plate. The user also informed that he sells poha from 6PM to 8PM on the streets of Gandhibagh and Itwari, Nagpur. Then he goes for his duty as a security guard at Mahajanwadi.

The 70-year-old manages two jobs to pay expenses and medical bills as his salary is low. Take a look at the video:

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered 1.8 million views, 275k likes and many heart-warming and supportive comments. One user wrote, “He was security guard of our building for one year. Very hard worker. After selling poha he was doing night duty. His poha chana chivda is just amazing. Must try.” Another user even added that “The smile at the end of the day he wears is worth all the strength and life we should really have.”

Several users have said they would like to help Jayanti Dada financially and have asked for his phone number to send him money. @abhinavjeswani, too has created a fundraiser for him.


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