5 Serving Bowl Options To Add To Your Kitchen


People eat foods not only with there mouths but also with there eyes. That is the presentation of our meal affects how it tastes in our mouth! Cooking food takes a lot of preparation, therefore it is important that it not only tastes good but also looks good! For that, we need to invest in some smart and versatile serving bowls that can accentuates our food and makes it easy to store in the kitchen. Now, if you are confused on how to do that, let us help you with a list of beautiful serving bowls which will elevate the look of your dish. So, here is a list of serving bowl sets that you can choose from.

Here Are 5 Serving Bowls To Choose From:

1. Borosil Solid Glass Deep Oval Oven and Microwave Safe Serving Bowl

This serving bowl is made of 100% borosilicate glass and guarantees to withstand temerpratures upto 350 degree Celsius. Unlike plastic or ordinary glass, this bowl will not leach chemicals into the food after repeated usage.

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2. Larah by BOROSIL Opalware Solid Serving Bowl with Lid

This borosil bowl is 100% bone ash free. The bowl has extra strength and it is made of a toughened glass like opalware. The dish is microwave safe and dishwasher safe. It is also chip resistant. The set contains two bowls along with two lids.

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3. JENSONS Stainless Steel Handi Set with Lid & Serving Spoon

Jensons handi set is made of rust-free food grade stainless steel. The 4 pieces of handi comes with lids and serving spoon. It is an ideal serving bowl set as it can be used to serve your dal, sabzi and even roti!

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4. Shopiable Store Borosilicate Baking Dish Rectangular Serving Tray Bowl Set of 3

Shopiable Store’s serving bowls are rectangular shape. The serving bowls are made of borosilicate and can sustain high temperatures, you can use it as a baking dish as well. It is perfecting for storing, serving and refrigerating.

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5. Home Decorise Melamine 6 Pcs Serving Platter Combo

This set of serving platter include 6 versatile pieces that can cater to all your kitchen needs. Made of melamine, these serving trays can be used served a variety of appetizers like momos, kebabs, finger foods and more.

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