5 Glass Jar Options To Serve Your Refreshing Drinks In


The modern kitchen is incomplete without fancy glassware. The touch of elegance that is added to your home by fine glassware can’t be compared to any other. While people mostly use glassware like jugs to only serve and store water, the innovation in glass jugs has led to making this glassware more useful and versatile. with the new and upcoming designs, glass jugs can not only retain the temperature of the stored liquid but can also be used on stovetops. We have created a list of versatile glass jugs that would be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Here Are 5 Glass Jar Options To Choose From:

1. FIMBRIA 1800ml Glass Water Jug with Lid Glass Pitcher

Fimbria’s water jug is made of Borosilicate glass and has a stainless steel top with a silicone seal. Unlike plastic or ordinary glass, this product will not leach chemicals into your food even after repeated usage.

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2. Signoraware Borosilicate Glass Jug

Signoraware’s glass jug is made from 100% food-grade borosilicate glass. The glass jug is perfect for storing all kinds of liquids – water, cold drinks, green tea, juices and more. It has a wide mouth.

3. Aeternum Glass Water Jug

Aeternum’s Water jug is made of Borosilicate glass and has a stainless steel top with a silicone seal. This kind of glass is thin, lightweight and durable. The jug is break and chip resistant and it has an ergonomic handle for comfort.

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4. KELVEE Glass Water jug

The pitcher is made from borosilicate glass can withstand sudden heat and sudden cold temperatures It can accommodate up to 8 cups of serving.

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5. OM Borosilicate Glass jug

This glass jug is made with heat resistant borosilicate glass and has a stainless steel top with double outlets to pour your water, juice or tea. The Borosilicate glass used in this jug is well-known for its low coefficients and high thermal resistance.

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