5 Best Recipes For You To Devour After A Rigorous Workout Session


A rigorous workout can tire up anyone. To replenish the body, we need quick snacks that are light and healthy. Exercising breaks down the muscle protein. And, having protein-rich food after a workout provides amino acids. Getting the right amount of nutrients after a session helps the body restore glycogen used up while exercising. A good way to increase energy levels post-workout is to consume protein-rich foods. They will also stimulate new muscle growth. A lot of people opt for supplements but there are more natural ways to add protein to your diet. We have curated a list of five easy-to-prepare snacks for you. You can make this within a jiffy and relish post-workout.

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1. Chana Chat

This one only needs three ingredients – paneer or cottage cheese, roasted chana and chat masala, of course, to give it a tangy-spicy flavour. Use your hands to crumble paneer, add roasted chana and sprinkle chat masala. Your chat is ready. This is rich in protein and works well if you want to lose weight.


Granola bars are packed with energy.

2. Dates and Peanut Butter Granola Bar

The best part about this one is it easy to make. First of all, make a thick paste using dates, oats, honey, peanut butter, raisins, a pinch of salt, and cinnamon powder. Then, freeze it. Once ready, cut it into pieces and enjoy.

3. Egg Chat

We all know that eggs are high in protein but if you are tired of regular omelettes and boiled eggs, go for this one. This mouth-watering tangy egg chat will make your day. The flavours of tamarind, tomatoes and lemon on boiled eggs will surely tantalise your tastebuds.


Paneer is full of proteins.

The delightful crumbled paneer mixed with cashew nuts, tomatoes and a variety of spices will leave you drooling. Have it post-workout and you won’t regret it.     

5. Quinoa With Vegetables

Boiled quinoa cooked in fresh vegetables could be your go-to nourishing meal post-workout. It helps in muscle building. 

Do try these recipes at home and let us know the one you liked the most. 


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