Why Is Sweet Potato Ideal For Party Season? Celeb Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Explains


India has a plethora of healthy ingredients, fruits and vegetables. There is plenty of seasonal produce available in the country, depending on whether it’s summer or winter. The best thing about seasonal fruits and vegetables is that they are loaded with good health and nutrition which make it ideal for the weather. Shakarkandhi or sweet potato, for instance, is one such yummy vegetable that is frequently consumed during winter season. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently took to Instagram to share a post about the magic of sweet potato and what makes it ideal for the party season. Take a look:

The picture that Rujuta Diwekar shared was of a Maharashtrian dish called Ratalyacha Khees, made by mixing sweet potato with ghee, curry leaves, green chilli and spices. Sweet potato, also called as Ratala or Ratalu is one of the winter superfoods endowed with an array of health benefits. The celebrity nutritionist revealed that sweet potato is rich in fibre and is safe for everyone to eat, including the ones battling obesity, PCOD and Diabetes specially. Further, it allows a quick recovery from training and makes for a great snack that can be consumed anytime thanks to its fibre content.

Coming to sweet potato’s nutritional content, Rujuta Diwekar said that it contains Vitamin A, B, minerals and anthocynins. These help the body fight infections, maintain supple and glowing skin and also keep digestive issues at bay. Thus, issues such as acidity, bloating and constipation can be eased with the help of Shakarkandhi or sweet potato. This makes it ideal to consume during party season when we are not able to eat healthy food. “Basically if you have drunk too much, slept too little and partied too hard, this is what you should be eating,” wrote Rujuta Diwekar.

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Sweet potato or Shakarkandhi is often sold as a popular winter snack.

Now that we know how beneficial sweet potato or Shakarkandhi is for us, it’s time to explore some recipes. These delicious sweet potato recipes can be easily made at home for a quick breakfast or an appetising snack. Click here for the recipes.

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