Why Invest In Small Case?


Many people prefer to invest in nationalized banks or any government schemes because they earn fixed rate of interest on investment.  The interest rates remain constant even if the market is undergoing fluctuations. But, they cannot earn very higher returns on investments. Some people wish to become rich within a shorter period. So, they prefer investing in mutual funds or any other financial institution offering higher interest. But, the interest rate is governed by the market conditions. They may undergo sudden loss also. But the beginners can invest in such schemes in smaller amount. Today, many people prefer to invest in smallcases than mutual funds. Small case is an innovative scheme of investment based upon a particular objective. The investors can manage their own portfolios. Small case is a basket with various stock schemes.  The investors can choose their best scheme. The stocks of the small cases are transferred to the demat account of the investor. 

Advantages of investing in small cases 

Many people prefer to invest in small cases today because they can control and manage their own portfolio.  The investing of small case is undertaken by the broker agencies. These stocks are examined by the brokers and the investors can choose the best schemes. The cost of operation is lower. This scheme does not have lock-in period. In mutual funds, the advisors or portfolio managers conduct research and invest in diversified stocks that are profitable. But, if you are investing in small case schemes, then you should manage your portfolio. You can choose a theme and you are provided with the best stocks that are profitable. Depending upon your objective, the stocks are placed in various schemes. You are the owner of your stocks.  You can choose the best smallcases portfolio depending upon your objective. 

The smallcase is a better choice for the investors who are seeking for long-term profitability. They cannot earn higher rate of return if they have short-term objectives. 

Fees are lesser

For other schemes, the investors should pay different types of charges for operation, maintenance and opening of account. But, the annual fees of the account are 2% only. You are charged only when you are transacting. 

View your stocks anytime

You can access your small case stocks anytime in your portfolio and the current market condition. So, you can manage your own portfolio.


You can examine the market conditions and according ads stocks or eliminate stocks that are not profitable. You are the owner of your stocks. 


You can open your account anytime and also quit anytime. So, the entrance and exit strategies of the small case stock scheme are simple. It does not consist of a lock-in period also. For mutual funds, you cannot exit from the scheme even if the scheme is not favorable currently. The policies of the scheme are liberal.

Dividend policies of the scheme

The dividends are credited to your bank account and not your investments. So, you need not perform the task of transferring the amount to your bank account.