Why Get the 2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat?

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Dodge Charger is a remarkable vehicle that everyone loves to drive. So, the real question that one should ask is why not get this amazing vehicle. It is one of the best cars from Dodge and people globally love this vehicle. If you want to book a unit for yourself, then reach Gilroy Dodge dealer today. However, if you want to be clearer about why to buy this vehicle then go through mentioned points below.

One of the best powertrains

The supercharged V8 6.2L engine is the chief attraction of Hellcat models. It offers 717-hp along with a torque of 650 lb-ft.

Still not satisfied?

Well, then check out the Redeye version of Hellcat’s engine that delivers 797 horsepower along with a torque of 707 lb-ft. Various testing showed that this car can complete a drag strip of a quarter-mile in less than 11 seconds if driven at 129mph.

This vehicle offers such colossal power that no driver would be yearning for more. Also, both engines are paired with automatic 8-speed and this vehicle takes 3.8 seconds to reach 0-60 mph.

Also, the widebody model aids in having better control along with excellent cornering grip and more. In addition, this vehicle has a mileage of 12 mpg in cities and 21 mpg on highways.

Cargo, interior design, and more

The interior design is more or less similar to a regular charger. However, certain featuresthat are desirable to anyone are present in the SRT model. Also, one can opt for personalization but for that one has to visit Dodge dealer Gilroy and discuss with professionals present there in detail.

A few particular aspects that are found inside the cabin include leather upholstery, speedometer of 200 mph, ventilated seats, etc. People looking to make the interior classier and sportier can choose to add Carbon and Suede package. It involves addition of interior trims made of original carbonfiber along with a suede headliner.

The trunk can hold 7 carry-ons at least and the entire cabin is filled with storage cubbies that aid in keeping things like smartphones and other items.

Also, features like smartphone integration (Android Auto, Apple CarPlay), 8.4-inch display, Harman/Kardon speaker system, etc. are standard options. If you want to check out the interior design and know about personalization available, visit a dealership immediately.

Price tag

Just two trims are available for the 2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, where the base model costs $74,720 and Widebody Redeye is priced at $83,320. Though both are iconic in their way, most people opt for the widebody Redeye version due to increased power of engine along with various other features that are standard for this variant.

From enormouspower to swift performance, sleek design, great interior, and more; all these are the reasons for you to get this vehicle as soon as possible. Driving this car is a statement that you would want to make when arriving at your destination. Therefore, without any delay visit a showroom and order the version you would like to take on a joy ride.