Why do need barcodes and mainly what are their uses?


A barcode is consisting of space and bars, it is a unique graphical image of the information that carries the data about a particular product. It is easily readable by the barcode reading machine. It shows the characters and numerals of the product. A barcode helps to enclose the information regarding any product or something. It is a set of line in width lines of black and white colors to show the data. It helps to provide detail of a particular product or object. Barcodes are used by many industries to help speed the delivery of mail and get all the information about the product.

It is printed series of parallel lines used to enter the data is called Barcode. The label contains lines in horizontal way that helps to provide the detail or information about the object or product.


The most common barcode is UPC where UPC stands here for ‘Universal Product Codes’. This barcode used for labeling retail products. All over they do not carry prices. It found almost every item and grocery stores in the US. It contains 12 numeric numbers only. Every product assigned their own unique number by GS1, which make up first six digits of a barcode. However, some barcode maker online provide the unique barcodes with their own algorithm which are unique and perfect for the inventory management and selling products on Amazon. Each product has unique UPC code that its manufactures and use for identification. Some common barcodes are:-

  1. Code 31 – It allows digits. Its name explains that it consists of 39 characters. It contains and digits and characters only. However, it has increased now to 43 characters. This code is commonly used in automotive industry basically.
  2. Code 128 – this barcode is invented more lately. This can encode all the character of 128 sets. It can also encode pronunciation masks.
  3. GS1 128 – this barcode is more carrier, so that the information and details between the companies is more effortless.
  4. UPC – this stands for Universal Product Code. It is of 12 digits number to retail stock of the both the product and vendor that sells the product. This barcode is commonly used in US and Canada. Hence one barcode is used for each product.
  5. EAN- 13 and EAN -8:- these barcodes is commonly used outside of the US like Europe and Asia. They are commonly found on groceries products, clothes etc scanned at the point of sale.
  6. ITF – 14:- this particular barcode is used as a mix between sales barcode and logistic barcodes. It uses a 14 digit barcode number.


  • Saves time
  • Reduces errors
  • Barcodes are efficient
  • They are cheap in rates
  • They are versatile
  • Provide better data
  • Better decision making
  • Responsibilities are not split
  • Bulk buying results in considerable discounts
  • Centralized ordering streamlines the management process
  • Procurement costs are reduced
  • Customer services improve significantly
  • Professional labeling solutions
  • Barcodes created of own companies
  • Also create custom barcode labels

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