Which Are The Top 10 Automotive Metal Stamping Companies In India?

automotive metal stamping companies in India

A metal stamping company today is known to be an essential part of any manufacturing process for companies. That’s because it is a cold-forming process that uses different operational stamping processes, stamping presses, and different dies to make different shapes from a metal sheet.

The entire process is completed with the help of the metal sheets, a metal stamping press, and a tool and die surface that helps shape the metal as per the customer’s requirements. In India, metal stamping is a standard procedure used by all industries that require customisation in terms of metal. Let us discuss some of the top automotive metal stamping companies in India today.

#1 Eigen

Out of all the automotive metal stamping companies in India today, Eigen is known to be a leader in decision making as far as metal stamping is concerned. It is a certified company specialising in progressive die development, manufacturing different metal components, press die design, etc. They cater to customers on a global level with the key markets in India, the US, and Europe.

#2 Concord Technology

This is one of the deputy automotive metal stamping companies in India that was developed in 1999. It is a very customer-oriented company and thus highlights the same in its mission which ensures providing quality products with effective solutions to our customer needs and requirements. It is based in Bangalore and known to be a one-stop solution for all automotive requirements.

#3 Chopra Industries Pvt. Ltd.

This family business company was established in 1994 and is known to be a key supplier to companies worldwide. That’s because of its ability to manufacture sheet metal and other tubular components required to become one of the top automotive metal stamping companies in India today.

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#4 Adhichakram Pressing Private Limited

This Tamil Nadu-based manufacturing company was established in 2005 and had a massive customised production facility to assemble metal stamping products. Their operational centres are present in Chennai in South India, and they also actively produce automobile exhaust parts and other required products.


Routing from the capital of India, DENEB is a manufacturer in Delhi, which was established in 2002, and it specialises in sheet metal stamping. Along with this, aluminium casting is also a part of their key offerings for the automotive industry, making them one of the top automotive metal stamping companies in India today.

#6 CBF Components Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2004, this company’s main intention and mission are to cater to the increasing demand of the requirement for industrial components in the automotive industry. They are a top manufacturer and exporter of sheet metal stamping and other components along with rubber moulding product offerings to meet the customer demand successfully.

#7 Craft Vision Industry

Based out of Maharashtra, this company is another addition to the list of top automotive companies in India today. They offer quality metal stampings along with injection moulding components to cater to all customer needs and wants. They have different in house facilities as well to collate everything together and ensure efficient services.

#8 Ashoka Industries

This company has been in the market since 1980. It is known to be a top designing, manufacturing, and exporting unit that delivers high-quality metal stampings services and products. With its high reputation, this company also has a skilled team of technical staff that accommodate every customisation required by the customer in the automotive industry, as far as metal stampings is concerned.

#9 NS Precision Works Pvt. Ltd.

One of the other lesser-known yet efficient automotive metal stampings companies in India, NS precision is a key manufacturer and supplier of metal stampings components to meet customer requirements. Their services include designing, tooling, etc., to deliver quality products.

#10 Fairfab Engineering

Last on the list, this metal stamping manufacturer was established in 1980 and is a crucial manufacturer to customers like Mazda, Leyland, etc. Out of all the automotive metal stamping companies in India today, there are only a few who promote their equipment and machinery to convince the customers, and this is one such company.

Overall, metal stampings is becoming more and more popular globally. Thus, if you are looking for the right company to approach to meet your metal stampings requirements, reach out to any of the above mentioned top automotive metal stampings companies today.