What to Expect at Bluewater Island Dubai?

ain dubai Tickets
ain dubai Tickets

Nothing seems more charming than seeing things with your own eyes. An English proverb narrates this as “seeing is believing”. But do the places and cities have their eyes? Yes, of course, they have. London is the first to own its very own eye called the “London Eye”. Dubai is the next to share the idea and make it a reality. The newly introduced phenomena are not going to stop here. Nobody can guess today how many cities in the world are “eying” on to have their own “eye” in the days to come. 

Let us try to see “eye in eye” inside of Ain Dubai. Ain is an Arabic word meaning an eye. It is a significant attraction of Bluewater Island Dubai. You are right to ask what Bluewater Island itself. That’s what we would like to explain in detail below. 

The launching of Bluewaters Island is an addition to big-ticket infrastructure deals of the emerging hub of mega-projects. Here are some of the basic facts of the project. 

  1. The cost is estimated at AED6B. 
  2. It is the newest man-made mega structure covering an area of 300 meters off the coast of The Beach at JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence).
  3. It is a multi-purpose project containing over 719 luxury residential units.
  4. It is the venue of the famous Ain Dubai, the world’s largest and tallest observation eye wheel.
  5. It is a new Meraas destination that has a soft opening in November 2018. 
  6. The project is now complete and open.
  7. Its biggest attraction, the Ain Dubai (Ferris Wheel) was also commissioned recently. 

The Bluewaters Island is located across the water from Dubai Marina. It has split areas specified for different purposes i.e Residential, Commercial, entertainment, hotels, AND BEACH CLUBS. Ain Dubai is itself an identity of the Island. A record-breaking, centerpiece of the Dubai lifestyle. It hosts about 200 retail and dining attractions.

Another significant attraction is Caesar’s Palace Dubai, a super luxurious resort hosting a wide range of accommodation types and dining outlets. 

The approach is as easy as 123. You can easily approach from Jumeirah Beach Residence via a pedestrian link bridge. It is just 300 meters in walking distance. The monorail system is also available to travel to Bluewaters Island. It connects with Dubai metro stations. The island is also connected with the mainland by a bridge from Sheikh Zayed Road.

Dubai is the front runner in breaking world records as such mega infrastructure projects are concerned. Next on the list is nothing else than Ain Dubai, Dubai eye, the eye wheel, or the Ferris wheel, what you think is convenient for you to name it. Its opening is confirmed for Thursday, October 21, 2021. The world’s largest observation wheel is going to spin as a massive tourist attraction. It is already on the Forbes must-see list.      

The Size Does Matter

Ain Dubai is more than 250 meters high, much bigger than the closest rival, London Eye. Just for fun and information, the Statue of Liberty rises 93 meters and, the Eiffel Tower sits at 324m. The Burj Khalifa has a splendid mighty height of 830 meters. More than 9,000 tonnes of steel were dumped to craft the shape of the articulate world’s largest observation wheel. It amounts to about 25% more than the Eiffel Tower.

We can dig more details just for a comparison. It has snatched the record from High Roller in Las Vegas, USA, measuring 167 meters. The London Eye is out of competition only at 135 meters. The weight of the Ain Dubai rim is equivalent to 16 Airbus A380s.                

Ain Dubai Tickets

Ain Dubai has 48 capsules capable of hosting up to 1,900 visitors at a time. Ain Dubai Tickets are now on sale. The tickets spread over categories and packages start from AED130.00 to AED4700.00 at maximum. Each of the following categories is further divided into packages to fit every pocket and choice of experience. 

Observation Cabins

Social Experiences

Private Cabins

Types of PODs                 

As mentioned above, PODs are split into three categories. The observation cabins are the preferred choice for families. They can take a look at the Dubai skyline to take snaps and enjoy. The Ain Dubai social cabins are available with three-beverage ticket packages and can even be upgraded to include your very own bar. The Ain Dubai private cabins also have a top price tag and are banked upon those celebrating a special occasion.                  

What More?

Use Yacht Rental Dubai for reaching Bluewater Island. A high hope for those who wish to wedlock in the air. Ain Dubai will be open for wedding bookings. Start planning your event if you are interested in making your wedding more memorable at the world-famous newly launched mega-structure. Look into the eyes of your life partner sitting “in the world’ largest eye”.