What Does The Bible Say About Rh Negative Blood Type?

What Does The Bible Say About Rh Negative Blood Type

What does the bible say about rh negative blood? It seems there are quite a few things that are opposed to each other in the bible. Some are good, some are bad, but what does the bible really say? To learn more about these or anything else about bible truth, please keep reading…

The bible states, that when a man and a woman get married, the man should marry the woman according to his choice, according to what the bible says about the woman being a slave to her husband. The bible states, that the ancient kings looked down on woman and saw her as beautiful, nice and fair to be kept as a slave. This simple test determines your true blood type and Rh factor, which can play a very important part in the health of your unborn baby. The negative is another trait to the normal blood shared by all humans.

So now we know what the bible actually says; let us look at what the new testament teaches us about this topic. In the new testament, Jesus Christ said, ” blot out the handwriting of the servant, for it shows that he is not of the house of Israel.” This tells us that the blood of the new testament is not the same blood that we share. Christ said, “For God also has given to you, Him, His very own life, and consequently also the Father of your offspring, who is Christ. Moreover, from this blood you will receive the remission of your sins.”

So what does the bible says?

According to God, He will separate your blessings from your liabilities, by paying off your debts with a perfect blood sacrifice. This means that your sin will be paid off with Christ’s life. If you have a positive blood type, your debts will be forgiven when you partake of the Perfect Man offerings. However, if your blood is negative, your debts will be forgiven only after Christ has shed a perfect blood sacrifice for you through your own death. It is true that we can never escape our debts, but Christ provides a way out through His death.

If you have a negative blood type, your days are numbered. God has sealed all the boons of youth with a cross until He comes that will redeem us. The bible says that when He comes, He will take all of your debts and raise them up, except the debt of Christ. Your debt will be forgiven, because Christ has paid it off for you with His precious blood. What does the bible say about rh-negative blood types?

It is important to understand that the bible does not tell us the exact ways in which we should live our lives. However, it does mention some principles which we can easily follow. Most importantly, it mentions that in order to be purified, we should obey God and seek to enter into God’s righteous path. We should follow the example of our beloved Redeemer and try to live according to His teachings.

When we have a positive blood type, we should go to God through Jesus Christ and make Him our Lord and Saviour. According to God’s Word, we should also avoid our evil side. We should not lend or borrow money. Our money should belong to us and not to our brothers and sisters. That includes even when we pray or ask for it from our brothers and sisters.

The bible does warn us though, that when we get involved in worldly ways, then the effects of our actions will take place in our lives. We can easily find ourselves involved in our finances. We may not be conscious of it at the time. When this happens, the result can be a negative blood group and it can severely affect our physical, mental and spiritual health.