What are some of the top offerings that make Vail a must visit destination for every tourist?

Denver to Vail

Ask any tourist to list some of their top visited destinations, and you will find that one name is consistent in the list and that destination is Vail. Those who have been to Vail at least once in their lifetime would be compelled to visit this mesmerizing destination again and again, and that is why it would not be a surprise for them to find Vail among such lists.

But what makes Vail such an unmissable destination to its visitors; while the primary reason is the numerous offering that this small town has to offer to its visitors, the second and equally crucial factor for this is the ease of transportation to this place. Vail can be easily reached by one dropping to Denver International and hailing a transport to their destination. This ease of transfer from Denver to Vail is another of the many reasons why Vail is such a hot tourist destination.

Following are some of the many offerings that make Vail such an enchanting tourist destination for everyone, no matter what their taste is.

  • The adventure sports at Vail Mountains

It would not be a stretch to say that if one is a snowboarding or skiing enthusiast, then there are few locations in the world that can offer you a better experience than Vail Mountains. There is a reason why Vail is considered by many as the ski capital of the US. And while many would consider this as a marketing plot, it is anything but, especially when one visits and partake in the snow adventures that Vail Mountains has to offer.

  • A stroll through the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

One cannot say that they have visited this beautiful town if they have not taken a stroll through the popular Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, named after the wife of 38th US President Gerald R. Ford. The Fords had a unique attachment to this small town, just on the outskirts of Denver, and had frequented this place on numerous occasions for their vacation, and one could even say that they are partially responsible for putting Vail on the tourist’s map.

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens has something to offer to every traveler, as there are five different gardens that comprise this beautiful location. Taking a stroll through its captivating sceneries could easily rejuvenate one’s soul.

  • Going on a hike

Whilst there are several more popular hiking trails across the globe, there are few that could come close to the diverse offering by Vail. It does not matter one particular skill level and prior experience in the activity of hiking, he or she could easily find a trail that is most suited to them. And the best part is that if physical exertion is an issue for the hiker, they can ride horses on many of these trails, such as the beauty of Vail hiking trails.

When you are looking for an amazing tourist destination, Vail is indeed a choice for you.