Weekend Special: How To Make Cheese Burst Pizza At Home


What is it that makes pizza the ultimate favourite for everyone? Is it the warm and soft melted cheese all over, or the assortment of vibrant vegetables or spicy chicken chunks on top, or is it the thin crunchy crust that holds all of these together? Well, whatever the reason is for you, there is no denying that every single time we see a cheesy pizza we can’t help but drool. As the weekend approaches, our love for this cheesy delight has led us to a simple recipe that will help you enjoy the Italian favourite right from the comfort of your kitchen – here’s how you can make a homemade cheese burst pizza.


Pizzas are loved by all

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Because if there ever was something better than cheese burst pizza, it surely has to be an easy homemade cheese burst pizza! Made with accessible ingredients and no yeast, this recipe is the perfect savior when your weekend cravings for something rich and cheesy are on a high. Sounds interesting? Well here is the easy recipe for a fresh homemade pizza packed with cheese, herbs, and spices.

How to Make Cheese burst Pizza l Homemade Cheese Burst Pizza recipe:

In a bowl mix maida, salt, sugar, baking powder, oil, some milk, and other ingredients and knead soft dough. Let this rest for some time. After a while knead the dough some more. In a pizza pan or tawa, spread the rolled-out dough and sprinkle some cheese. Cover this with another thinly rolled out sheet of dough and garnish with preferred toppings. Sprinkle Italian herbs on top and serve hot.

Click here for the detailed recipe of homemade cheese burst pizza.

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Try the easy recipe and let us know how it turns out in the comments below.


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