Wedding Invite Asks Guests To Pay $99 For Food, Reddit Is Appalled


A wedding is a much-awaited event that people look forward to. The excitement is real when it comes to getting dressed up, clicking pictures, attending the wedding ceremony, and of course, gorging on delicious food! The lavish feast served at weddings is one of the most eagerly anticipated things by foodies. However, one wedding invite has left the internet stunned. Recently, a post shared on Reddit revealed the story of a wedding whose invite asked guests to pay $99 (Rs. 7,300) for their wedding food. Sounds unbelievable? Take a look at the post and see for yourself:

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The post was shared in the sub-Reddit r/weddingshaming by user u/Civil_Experience. It has received nearly 3.4k upvotes in a short span of time. In the Reddit post, the user narrated her experience of being invited to her friend’s wedding in the coming year. However, the invite came with its own sets of caveats and conditions.

“On the invite, it states “we are unable to afford the food, so it will be $99 per head banquet style,” wrote the user. She further said that the wedding was four hours away, so the guests would have to bear the costs of travel, accommodation, outfits along with the food too. A babysitter would also have to be arranged since apparently, the wedding was kid-free. Further, the to-be married couple also expected an additional gift from attendees, as they had a ‘wishing well’ to collect monetary gifts.

Reddit users were left appalled at the wedding invite. The fact that guests were expected to pay for their own food was simply unacceptable. Further, the exorbitant amount of $99 seemed to be quite expensive for a buffet-style meal. “If you can’t afford a fancy wedding don’t have one. Making guests pay is just tacky and nobody will be happy for you,” wrote one user. “I wouldn’t even waste my time on the RSVP,” said another. One more wrote, “If they say $99 in lieu of a gift I would consider going.”

Take a look at some of the reactions:

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This is not the only time that couples have asked guests to pay for things at their wedding. Recently, a couple sent wedding dinner ‘invoices’ to guests who didn’t show up and did not care to inform either. Yet another set of newlyweds asked a guest at their wedding to pay up for the second slice of cake that he took. They found proof of this in the wedding’s CCTV footage! Click here to read more about this incident.

What did you think of the wedding invite? Would you attend the wedding if you were asked to pay for your food? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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