Watch: Woman Throws Plates In McDonald’s; Blames Her Diabetes


Till now, we all have seen a fair share of rude customers and their unreasonable demands. From bickering over slight delays to talking rudely with the workers, there are several stories that we have heard. Plus, with the advent of social media, now we get to hear about these incidents from around the world. And, recently one such incident that has come to light is from Arkansas, USA. It all started when a woman became frustrated with the length of time it took for her coffee to arrive at McDonald’s. The woman was told that it would take five minutes as per the timer, to which she reacted by dropping food trays and table numbers onto the floor.

In the video, the woman who was recording can be heard saying, “While standing in line at my local McDonald’s, the woman in the video started asking if it took five minutes to make coffee. The employee replied, “Yes, it does literally; there’s a timer on it.”


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The next thing that the customer said to everyone was that they “needed to stop standing around talking and be a little more professional.” Right after that, the woman proceeded to knock down eating trays and table numbers. After seeing this, the restaurant manager warned the rude customer about the non-emergency police number and asked for her license plate number. To which the woman said “Why because I have low sugar and diabetes?”

While others in the restaurant helped the personnel in cleaning up the mess, the angry customer became even more enraged as a result of this. During that time, she said, “This is ridiculous. All they had to do was shut up and work.”

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The video was shared by the Youtube channel ViralHog and has received several comments.

One person said, “Call the Police, follow her and have her arrested for this and ban her from McDonald’s for good.” While another one said, “She must have been a terrible bully at school.”

Another user also commented saying “I like how the people that don’t even work there are helping 1:05 to pick up that little kids mess. Looks like 46 acts like 6.”

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