Watch: Wait, What? This Four-Tiered Wedding Cake May Be Fake


Where there’s a wedding, there’s good food. Food lovers don’t give a second thought to that logic. But, weddings can also mean a lot of mishaps. If those mishaps are around food, such incidents get all the more memorable. They can become viral, too. Yes, you heard us right. A recent viral video from a wedding has got us cracking and it has got everything to do with the wedding cake. The clip shows a bride decked up in her bridal gown. She has a four-tired wedding cake in front of her. But just as she leans forward to blow out the candle, her hand slips and the top tier of the cake comes toppling down.

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The bride soon manages to put the top tier back in place. However, what has caught the attention of netizens is a bizarre detail. When the cake falls down, it does not crack. That has led to speculations that the decorated wedding cake is fake.

The video was shared by an Instagram page named Surprise Love Storie’s. The caption read, “How unlucky you’re.” The post has received over 37k likes within a day of uploading.

Here’s what a user commented, “The cake looks like it’s made of foam, didn’t break even a bit after falling over. But good save from the beautiful bride.” Many of them also called it a fake cake.

A person explained, “The cake is fake. It is called a dummy, you can use it for people who don’t have the money maybe. Only one step of the cake is actually real and that’s the one they will cut and share for people.”

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“I’m sure it’s not all fake just maybe 1 or 2 layers. Wanted a four-tier cake so bad,” wrote another.

A user also empathised with the bride after the accident. “Should not say unlucky. Incident happens. It’s normal she is smiling that’s all matters,” it read.

This person went on to recollect one of his fake cake incidents. He wrote, “Went to a first birthday party and we were waiting for the cake just to find out it was fake.”

Fake or not, this wedding cake has grabbed many eyeballs from netizens for sure.


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