Watch: This Quick Hack Prevents Milk From Boiling Over; Internet Impressed


Internet is one amazing place for all. Besides entertaining you to the core, it literally finds answer to every query of yours. Take this amazing kitchen hack for instance. We recently came across a post where a woman shows how you can prevent milk from boiling over. Let’s admit, we all have spilled milk while boiling. It not only wastes the milk, but also makes the kitchen top messy and unclean. To prevent this whole situation, all you need is a ladle. Yes, you heard it! Twitter user Nandita Iyer recently took to her handle to share a snippet of how she prevents milk from spilling in her kitchen. According to her, you need to place a wooden ladle on top of the milk pan, while boiling the milk. “Did you know keeping a wooden ladle over the milk pan prevents the milk from boiling over? #Cookingtip” she wrote alongside. Take a look at the video:

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This might bring up the question, why specifically wooden ladle? While you can use steel ladle, but a wooden one helps prevent heat, making it easy to use. “How this works: the layer on top that traps the steam breaks when it hits the ladle and the vapour escapes, reducing the pressure beneath, preventing it from boiling over. Wood>>metal ladle, as it won’t get hot and burn your fingers,” Nandita Iyer further explained.

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People on the internet reacted to this hack and garnered almost 70k views, almost 2k like and hundreds of comments. While some appreciated this pro-tip, others also shared their share of tips on the same.

“Awesome! Didn’t know that. Must try,” wrote one.

Another person shared a tip, “Milk boiler is even better option. It not only prevents spilling but also whistles when milk is boiled.”

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