Watch: This 14-Year-Old Food Vendor From Ahmedabad Moves Internet With His Story


We all have many stories related to food. Some have fun stories to tell, while others have a more emotional tale to share. Recently, we came across one such video story of a street food vendor from Ahmedabad. But this is not any usual food vendor. The one standing at the other end of the stall is a 14-year-old boy. The video shows the masked boy preparing a plate of dahi kachori. He puts the green and red chutneys inside the kachori. Then, he tops it all with a dash of yoghurt and serves. The video was shared by food blogger Doyash Pathrabe on Instagram.

The caption read, “Do help him. He is just 14 years old and selling dahi kachori only at Rs 10. Location: Opposite Maninagar Railway station, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.” The caption added, “He is helping his family and working hard on it.” The video has received more than 22,000 hearts. Some users claimed to have seen this boy with his father at their food stall outside Maninagar Railway Station. A person wrote, “He is a warrior. He will go very far in the future. But Rs 10 is too low I think. How much profit will he gain with that?” Another commented on the quality of food that the boy prepares, “Trust me the taste was awesome. I have never eaten this tasty (food) in just Rs 10.”

“More power to him. Sharing this with everyone,” read one of the reactions. 

This user wrote, “Salute hain aese logo ko… itni kam umar mein [Salute to people like him… working at such a young age].” People also asked for contact details to help the boy.

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The Instagram page posted an update on the boy. Take a look.

The page often shared videos of food vendors, who sell delicious snacks at a minimal price. Here’s another clip of a woman selling kaccha chivda at a roadside. The 60-year-old woman demonstrates how she makes the snack in the video. The caption read, “60-year-old lady selling kaccha chivda for just Rs 25. Location: beside Maharajbagh Zoo, Nagpur.”

These posts are a shoutout to all small-scale food providers around the country.


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