Watch: Husband Teaches Wife How To Use Chopsticks In Viral Video


It is rightfully said that food has the power to unite us all! With the influx of international food brands and cuisines in the country, the culinary landscape of India is evolving every day. In particular, Korean drama series and music has found a stronghold in the country, and Korean and Chinese foods have become a common fare in most of our lives. Some of the signature delicacies that come from these cuisines are noodles and sushi, and if you want to enjoy them in an authentic way, there is nothing better than using chopsticks. Although, many of us might have seen chopsticks being used in movies and a number of series, using them in real life is a different story altogether.

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It might be difficult for many of us to learn the ropes of using chopsticks, especially if we’ve never done it before. An adorable video has surfaced on social media regarding the same. In this reel shared by a restaurant from Gwalior called @thapachinesewok, a couple can be seen enjoying a plateful of fiery noodles. But what grabbed the eyeballs of the viewers was not the dish or the location, but the way a husband is teaching his wife to use chopsticks. The man can be seen helping his wife hold the chopsticks and showing her how to pick the noodles up, the lady learns quickly and can be seen using chopsticks like a pro in the end. Look at it here:

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The video has received around 1 million views, 69.7 thousand likes, and over 200 comments. Several people who commented on the video couldn’t stop gushing over the adorable gesture. The lady in the viral reel herself commented saying ‘Thank you for having us, It was amazing, had a great time there and loved the food’.

Many other comments read ‘You are both so cute together’, ‘Bless you both’ and ‘Aww so sweet’. One comment also mentioned that at least the lady was willing to give chopstick a try, ‘Kam se kam try to kiya madam ne’ (At least the lady tried it).

Do you know how to use chopsticks, and where did you learn it from? Let us know in the comments below.


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