Watch: How To Make Potato Tatters That Last For Months


There is an overflowing variety of frozen snacks in the market, from chicken nuggets to frozen samosas, you needn’t look far if you want one of those instant goodies. What makes these frozen treats our favourite is the fact they require no effort at all – unzip the bag, fry them in some hot oil and your snack is ready. Many will agree that these frozen snacks define our weekend binge mode, don’t they? However, what we have here is a recipe that will slightly change the order of things while giving a much flavorful frozen snack in the end, and guess what? It’s homemade! Here is the recipe for a potato snack that you can make and freeze for months to come, it’s called – Potato tatters.


You can make frozen potato snacks at home

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Confused? Let us clear things out for you – potato tatters are nothing but potato snacks that you can make and enjoy fresh or store for days to come. The preparation requires you to cook and mash the potatoes in a way that will keep them fresh for longer and ensure crispy and crunchy snacks whenever you decide to fry them. Now you don’t need to go to the store looking for frozen treats every weekend, because, with this easy recipe, you can make one right in your kitchen. We came across this simple recipe on Parul Gupta’s YouTube Channel ‘Cook with Parul’ and we instantly headed to the kitchen to try them. Here is the recipe for you to do the same.

How To Make Potato Tatters l Potato Tatters recipe:

Roughly chop potatoes and boil them until 30% done, take off the water and mash them lightly. Add simple ingredients like salt, black pepper powder, coriander and cornflour. You may also add Italian seasoning and cheese but these are optional. Mix everything well and shape into tiny small cylindrical potato tatters that you can fry at the moment or store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3 months. Here is the detailed recipe:

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