Watch: How To Make Bread Cream Roll: A Simple Variation On Classic Cream Roll


Does digging into a crispy cream roll uplift your mood after a long day? You are not alone! We do too! A nice and delicious dessert can go a long way, especially when the midnight craving strikes. But making desserts can be very time consuming, and it is an activity we can’t partake in during the busy schedule of weekdays. But just because we don’t have time doesn’t mean the craving goes away. Therefore, we need to find quick-fix desserts that can be ready in no time!

We have given an easy twist to the classic cream roll. Usually, a cream roll is a circular puff pastry that is hollow in the centre and filled with sweet cream. But making puff pastry can take a lot of time. In this video, we have used bread and hung curd as a replacement for cream and puffed pastry to give the sweet goodness of this dessert. This bread cream roll is easier and healthier than a cream roll.

How To Make Bread Cream Roll:

Start by hanging curd in a muslin cloth. Try to remove all the moisture from the curd. In the hung curd, mix in powdered sugar. This curd mixture will act as the cream of the bread cream roll.

Take a slice of bread. Cut its crust and flatten it with a rolling pin. Apply the curd cream evenly on the flattened bread. Roll the bread. Spread softened butter on the edge of the bread. Bake the roll till it is crispy. The cream rolls are ready!

Check the video for the step-by-step recipe of Bread Cream Roll in the Header section.

Pro tip: You can also use greek yoghurt instead of hung curd to get a smoother and creamier filling.

Sounds super easy, right? Then what are you waiting for?! Make this quick dessert at home and tell us in the comments section how you liked it.


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