Watch: How To Flip Cheese Sandwich On Frying Pan – This Kitchen Hack Is A Must Try


Internet is a storehouse various types of content. While some are informative, some remain just for entertainment purpose. You actually get every type of content to satisfy every kind of user. We also find several unique videos that go viral on social media, tickling our funny bones instantly. One such video we recently came across was of a smart kitchen trick that amused us to the core. It featured how one can flip sandwich without any fuss. Yes, you heard us.

Flipping sandwich, omelette etc on frying pan might not be as simple as it seems. It needs practice and skill to flip it like a pro, without spoiling the shape. This brings up a question, what should a novice chef do during such times? The answer probably lies in this video. Take a look:

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This video, shared by YouTube channel Viral Daily Shots, shows how grilled cheese sandwich can be flipped on a frying pan. We could see, instead of lifting the sandwich with a spatula and flipping it, the person lifted the sandwich with the spatula, picked up the pan and flipped it over above the sandwich and then turned everything around. And we saw the sandwich remained intact. Smart hack, right?

The video was originally posted by social media influencer Iris Beilin that went viral and garnered more than 2million likes, 23k comments and 106k share.

Let us know how you liked this idea of flipping sandwich. And also, tell us if you too want to try out this hack at home.

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