Watch: Baby Tries Pizza For The First Time; Her Adorable Reaction Is Too Relatable To Miss


Do you remember the first time you tried pizza? The first-ever bite into that cheesy goodness that instantly got you hooked? For many of us that one lucky day was probably a dinner with parents or a trip with friends that most of us don’t remember too well. Unlike us, this toddler had her reaction recorded and we can’t help but agree that this is the most relatable video ever! In a recent Facebook video shared by @GrowinUpItalian, a baby girl tries her very first bite of the gooey and cheesy pizza and her adorable expression says it all! The toddler enters a phase of euphoria for a second and is left wanting more! The original video was posted on TikTok by @oh_shoot_girl. See the video here:

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Young or old, Pizza has a special place in all of our hearts. The thin and crunchy crust, topped with oodles of cheese and an assortment of colourful and delicious veggies and meat, all baked together makes for a perfect delicacy and this baby’s reaction captures it all too well! The Facebook video has received over 22k views, 916 likes, and 80 comments.

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Most of the comments spoke about how adorable the baby looks and how delicious the Pizza must be for her to react that way. One comment read ‘The expression is priceless. I can relate’, while the other said ‘That’s how I feel…..Mmmmmmm! Pizza!’, while one other user commented ‘I feel the same way sunshine!!’.

This adorable baby has definitely made us crave some pizzas. if you are salivating too, here are some simple and easy pizza recipes that you can make at home for a delicious pizza feast.


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