Watch: After Idli On Stick, Chocolate And Strawberry Samosas Leave Internet Confused


Food experimentation is one common phenomenon across the world. Social media is loaded with many such videos, featuring people creating fusion foods with every possible food element. Be it the much talked about kiwi on pizza or much appreciated gulab jamun cheesecake – we have seen internet talking about it all. While some dishes turn out to be delicious, others leave internet confused. One such food that recently went viral on social media was idli on stick. From Anand Mahindra to Shashi Tharoor – we saw a number of people talking about this unique looking idli that is served at a Bengaluru restaurant, along with sambar and chutney.

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Now, if you thought you have seen it all, then we have another unique dish for you. It’s chocolate samosa. Yes, you read that right! Industrialist Harsh Goenka recently took to Twitter to share a short clip of this bizarre food combo where we could see samosa dipped in chocolate and strawberry sauce. That’s not all. The samosa includes strawberry jam as a filling. “Seeing the lollipop idli circulating in social media was ok, but this one (screaming emoji)!”

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Since being shared, the post received 25.3k views and hundreds of replies. “There should be a law against such fusion food,” wrote one. Another person explained, “Chocolate samosa is very common now. In NCR, there are complete restaurants built around just samosa. They have all sorts of samosas, veg and non veg, including dessert samosas like these.”

“I just can’t experiment at this level! Someone will soon come up with a non-spiral jalebi or cheesy katchori!” read a third comment. “It’s sacrilege of Samosa, if it’s not then how about Samosa, Idli, Dosa icecream or tandoori Idli, dosa, wada, or even poori,” another comment read.

Earlier, another video of chocolate chai left netizens confused. Food vlogger Amar Sirohi took to his YouTube channel ‘Food Incarnate’ to share his experience with chocolate chai. And he ended up issuing a warning for every chai lover, “It is a bad joke done with chai…can’t get the flavour of tea or chocolate.” Watch the video here:

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What’s your thought on these unique (or bizarre) food combos? Let us know in the comments below.

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