Watch: 13-Year-Old Mumbai Boy Sells Frankies And Sandwiches; Internet Has Mixed Reactions


There is no dearth of content on the internet. With just a click, everything is available to us. And in this never-ending content, we always come across something that inspires and impresses us at the same time. One such video that we came across recently is the story of a 13-year-old boy who has left us in amazement with his cooking skills and hard work. In a short reel uploaded by Instagram user @bhukkadnumber1, we can see a young boy preparing various kinds of frankies and sandwiches on his handy food cart.

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The video starts with the boy making a frankie. He first takes a roti like a wrap, spreads butter and cooks it on a tawa. Then he adds a layer of ketchup on it and, side by side, prepares for the filling. Next, we can see him cooking the filling with veggies like onion, capsicum, chowmein, spices and some cheese. Finally, he adds the filling in the roti and wraps it up to serve. Take a look at the video here:

As per @bhukkadnumber1, the boy has his cart near Versova Metro station gate no. 4, Andheri West, by the name of Sai Shekar Sandwich Stall.

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered up to 1.5 million views, 145k likes and several mixed reactions. Many people have commented that they are proud of the boy for doing such a commendable job at such a young age. While many people have called it “child labour” and said that the boy should be studying in school.

One user said, “God bless you and hopefully you will run a restaurant some day.” Another user also said, “The food looks too good. May God bless him and help him.” Some other users have written on how it’s wrong to make such a young boy work. A user wrote, “He is only 13 and should be studying and playing in school.”

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