Wait, What? You Can Now Make Shahi Paneer In A Kulhad? (Recipe Video Inside)


Kulhad ki chai has a special fan following among chai lovers. But some might wonder, what is so special about chai in a kulhad? It is just tea served in a kulhad after all, but there is a reason why chai tastes better when it is served in a kulhad. One cannot point out the reason, but tea lovers can certainly agree that they would choose kulhad chai over regular chai on a Sunday morning. One foodie decided to extend the love of kulhad to other foods and the result has us surprised! What if someone served you shahi paneer and steaming hot rice in a kulhad?! If you are having difficulties imagining it, don’t worry we can show you exactly how it would look like:

The video was shared by an Instagram food blogger @oye.foodieee and the video has over 476,866 likes and over 11.7 million views! This kulhad shahi paneer is made by pouring in shahi paneer gravy at the bottom of the kulhad, then layer it with basmati rice and this is again covered with shahi paneer gravy. The layering continues till the kulhad is filled. Two pieces of fried paneer are placed on top of the kulhad and accompanied with a lemon wedge and a tomato. The dish is completed with a generous serving of pudina chutney.


Shahi paneer is creamy and delicious!

While Shahi paneer is an extremely popular Mughlai curry, it has become more of a universal Indian curry that has found its way to the heart of every Indian. The sight of juicy pieces of paneer bathed in creamy tangy gravy makes our mouth water! Shahi paneer is our go-to curry every time we visit an Indian restaurant. But would you be interested in trying out this unique dish? Do tell us in the comments section down below! We can’t wait to know.

If you want to try this dish yourself, you can find it in the Delhi-based restaurant called 7 Spices.


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