Wait, What? Man Sharpens KitKat Bar And Cuts Tomato With It


It’s quite easy to find our way through our own kitchens. But after stepping into someone else’s kitchen, all you can do is stand and fumble for the simplest tools and ingredients. If you have friends or colleagues who are notorious for not keeping their place organised, you may find it difficult to locate a tool as basic as a knife. Now, here’s a trick that may come in handy. All it requires is a KitKat bar and some skills. An Instagram video uploaded by an account titled “What How Why” shows how you can use a KitKat bar to cut a tomato. 

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The video has now gone viral with more than 1.5 lakh views and received some interesting comments. It shows a man sharpening a KitKat bar on a knife-sharpening stone and then using it to cut a tomato in half. The sharpened chocolate bar works surprisingly fine on a tomato.

An added benefit is you can eat at the bar if you so desire. But then you will have to sharpen another bar to cut a tomato again. At the end of the video, the man shows the chocolate bar and its sharp edge. Check the viral video here:

While many people liked the clip, they also said that they thought he was going to eat the chocolate.

“I thought he was going to bite the KitKat the wrong way,” said a user.

“Does he eat these things later? Like eating a tomato covered with KitKat,” another said.

A third person wrote, “When you sharpen a snack have you ever gotten a cut? Some of them look so sharp.”

Chocolate bars are often the ultimate resort to feel good. If you intend to make chocolates at home, here’s some dark chocolate recipes.

Kitchen hacks surely take us by surprise sometimes. 


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