Wait, What? Madhya Pradesh Farmer Grows Red Ladyfinger In His Garden



Bhindi (Ladyfinger) is one of the most common food items that we find in local markets or grocery stores. While most of us usually prepare this vegetable for lunch or dinner, over the years, it has also become a comfort food that we love to devour. Traditionally known for its green colour and sticky texture, a farmer has now come up with a new red coloured variety in ladyfinger! Yes, you read that right. A red-coloured bhindi does exist and is currently being grown by Misrilal Rajput, a farmer from Madhya Pradesh.

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While talking to ANI, the farmer highlighted the benefits of his ‘red ladyfinger’ and said that “The ladyfinger that I grow is red in colour instead of its usual green colour. It is more beneficial and nutritious than green ladyfinger. It is extremely beneficial for people who are facing heart and blood pressure issues, diabetes, high cholesterol,” he said.

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When Misrilal Rajput was asked about the process of cultivation, he told ANI that “I had purchased 1 kg seeds from an agricultural research institute in Varanasi. I sowed them in the first week of July. In around 40 days, it started growing.” According to the farmer, no harmful pesticides were used in the cultivation of this red ladyfinger.

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As this red ladyfinger is one of a kind, the farmer has kept its price on a higher side. He told ANI that, “This ladyfinger is 5-7 times more expensive than ordinary ladyfingers. It is being sold from Rupees 75-80 to Rupees 300-400 per 250 gram/500 gram in some malls.” He also added that a minimum of 40-50 quintals and a maximum of 70-80 quintals could be grown on an acre of land.


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