Viral Video: This Massive Paratha From Nagpur Leaves Internet Amused


The year 2021 has been quite a thrilling year for the foodies. Across the year, we have seen people experimenting with different types of dishes. While some dishes were hit, others remained bizarre to the core. Then there are viral videos featuring foods that are huge and indulgent. Remember Delhi’s giant momo? We found another such video that took the internet by storm. It is of a street vendor from Nagpur, selling giant parathas, with halwa on the side. What grabbed our attention is his cooking skill! Uploaded by Nagpur food bloggers Vivek and Ayesha (on their Instagram handle ‘eatographers’), the video shows a person rolling the atta with hand and stretching it to make it paper-thin. He then makes some holes on the paratha (with fingers) to create air pockets that will prevent it from breaking. He then transfers the paratha in oil for deep frying for almost a minute or two and then with a ladle takes it out on a plate. The best part is, he does it all in just a few minutes, that too, without damaging it at all.

Priced at Rs 40 per 250gm, this paratha is making quite a noise on social media. Reportedly, this paratha is made out of 700gm dough that is mixed with 100gm dalda and salt.

Take a look:

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The Instagram Reel has garnered almost 50k views till now. It also garnered several comments – some hailed the shopkeeper’s cooking skill, some questioned the hygiene issue. Some were also left confused whether it was a paratha or poori?!

“It’s definitely big!” wrote one. Another person stated, “Badiya hai.” A third comment read, “Kya baat hai.”

While some people also commented, “Hygiene left the chat.”

What are your thoughts on this mammoth paratha? Do let us know in the comments below.

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