Viral: Man Sells Ice Cream In Exchange For ‘Blue Stone’; Twitter Applauds


Internet can often be a happy place for all. We often come across various videos and posts that melt our hearts and make us go aww. One such news we recently saw was of an ice cream seller and his heartwarming gesture towards a little girl. A Twitter user named Andrew Hillary recently took to the micro-blogging site to describe how a little girl came up to him and asked for an ice cream in exchange of a blue coloured stone. “A little girl just came up to the ice cream truck and asked if she could buy ice cream with a blue rock she found. I am now one blue rock richer,” he begins the story.

In a Twitter thread, Andrew then posted a picture with the blue stone and wrote, “my finances”. Alongside, he humorously added, “Btw nobody show this tweet to my boss.” Take a look at the Twitter thread here:

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The tweet went viral in no time garnering more than 730k likes and several comments and applauds.

“NFT this picture and I’ll (actually) pay you $500 for it,” wrote one person.

Andrew further described the rock saying, “Upon further inspection, this thing is 100% made of plastic. Also it glows in the dark”.

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“I know that “rock”! My kids got a bag of them so they are all over my house. They glow so brightly! If you charge them well they glow all night long! Definitely worth an ice cream,” wrote another user in the comments.

Isn’t Andrew’s gesture much adorable? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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