US Man Says A Squirrel Hid 42 Gallons Of Walnuts Under The Hood Of His Truck


When Bill Fischer, a resident of North Dakota in the US, returned home after a four-day trip in September and opened the hood of his truck, he wasn’t surprised. He found 42 gallons of yellow-husked black walnuts stashed inside. The walnuts were everywhere — between the engine parts to deep below the hood. Now, you must be wondering how the walnuts made their way into the hood of his truck! It was a squirrel that had hoarded all the walnuts. So, why wasn’t Fischer surprised? Because this wasn’t the first time the squirrel had done such a thing.

In a post on Facebook, Fisher shared the entire experience of finding the walnuts in his truck, and also uploaded a few pictures and a video of his vehicle and the walnuts.

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He said that the “all-natural black walnuts” that were “hand (paw) picked by a squirrel, red squirrel to be exact”, weighed 42 gallons. Adding a touch of humour to the post, he wrote, “Hurry, as these may have a limited availability, as l hear the hard-working furry tree dweller might be retiring soon.”

In the video that he posted, we can also see his dog curious about the squirrels. The dog is trying to shoo the squirrels away while looking at the treetop. About this, Fisher wrote, “Also the squirrel is dealing with a caustic work environment due to a relentless micromanaging supervisor of the canine type.”

The post has received over 500 ‘likes’ and has been shared more than 200 times.

One of the users commented, “Can you clone the squirrel and start a nut farm?”

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A report in The Washington Post states that since 2013, Fischer has been dealing with this peculiar problem every two years, which happens to be the tree’s maturation cycle. “I’ve got other vehicles that sit very close to that tree, and it’s always my truck,” The Washington Post quoted Fischer as saying in an interview. He added that at times when he parked his vehicle on the street, far away from the walnut tree, the squirrel still found a way to hide the walnuts there.

So, what do you think of the repeat offender? Isn’t it bold of the squirrel to continue doing the same thing time and again?


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