University Examination Management System

University examination system is a system that is usually implemented to enhance teaching efficiency, enhance quality of education and to save time. University examination system takes care of the exam administration, planning, and conduct which must be carried out well before the commencement of the examination course. Using efficient university examination management system; comprehensive planning and examination scheduling can be arranged effectively.

University examination management system includes various modes like PLC based examination management systems, software-based systems and desktop-based systems. In the PLC based system; project-based queries are solved in the user friendly user interface. On the other hand, in the software based system students have to enter data into relevant fields and search results are displayed accordingly for easy searching. The desktop based system is a self contained unit where all necessary modules, which are required for conducting tests, are installed. It is mainly used for individual examination.

The entire system is arranged to make it easy for teachers to grade examinations in short span of time. Some of the colleges have already developed their own version of university management systems that are compatible with local educational requirements. The main function of any University examination management system is to give high quality education to students.

University examination management software can be purchased commercially or can be made use of by the affiliated colleges. The installation process of the software is simple and requires no prior technicalities. This system does not change with changing times so the administrators need not waste their time in reconfiguring the website. There are several versions available for different type of course like Bachelor, masters, doctorate and doctoral degrees. University data base is the main database where students can find information about admission process, time and place of examination.

University of Phoenix, American Intercontinental University, Bradwood University, Liberty University, Keiser University, Evangel University – Tucson, and Villanova University are some of the leading universities that use this os system. The in-house system is more efficient and faster as compared to the third-party versions. This os system makes use of cookies to track the preferences of visitors to a website.

The University Examination Management System uses latest techniques of computing including server web-based services for administering examination. It has the ability to record examinee’s registration details and take down notes. The latest feature of this system is the ability to generate study schedule on the basis of subject wise test scores obtained in various courses. In-house versions are configured to record start time, end number, student status and time of examination. The latest versions also include the facility of grading rubrics and multiple submissions.

As far as the features of a third-party online examination system are concerned, it is capable of administering examinations through different modes such as email, chat, fax, phone calls and web conferences. There are some university management systems that allow students to track their progress and performance through online grades. This feature helps in keeping a track of an individual student’s progress over a period of time. In addition, the examination process is supervised by qualified personnel to avoid any undesirable situation.

There are several advantages of an in-house system over cloud based system of online examination management. This system helps students to concentrate on their core subjects with ease and reduces time spent on other subjects. For colleges, it helps them save money on maintenance and resources required for managing the courses. This is the reason why colleges prefer to have this particular service for themselves rather than opting for the options of third party companies or online learning portals available on internet.