Understanding The Need to Prevent Abortion

Everyone knows the old adage that “prevention is better than cure. You shouldn’t regret something until after it has happened. The same principle holds true for abortion. Abortion can lead to a number of complications for the pregnant woman, so it is important to understand the effects of abortion. It’s simple. If you are not pregnant, you do not need to have an abortion. This is why the use of proper contraceptives is necessary.

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Understand the risks involved

Complications from the procedure have a direct impact on the health of women who undergo abortions. Future infertility may also be the result of an abortion. Other harmful effects that women may have to endure are irregular menstrual cycles, heavy bleeding, infections and allergic reactions; among others. Complications due to unsafe abortion procedures are estimated to account for 13 percent of maternal deaths worldwide, or 67,000 per year. Almost all abortion-related deaths occur in developing countries. Worldwide, approximately 220,000 children lose their mothers to abortion-related deaths each year.

These statistics are quite alarming. This is the reason why many countries have banned abortion altogether. However, a complete ban on abortion is not the answer, as abortion is sometimes quite necessary.

Things you should remember

Abortion is often an impulsive decision. However, sometimes couples do not realize that it is a permanent action. It is important to note that if the process is once carried out, it cannot be reversed. This often leaves scars in the minds of men and women that make them regret their actions.

In most countries where abortion is legalized, it is banned after the first 12 weeks. This is because the baby is fully formed in the womb by then. Abortion after the first twelve weeks may also mean that there may be a risk to the life of the pregnant woman. This is another reason why abortion is not recommended after the first twelve weeks.

Even legally, even though many countries have legalized the practice of abortion, the debate always tends to be against abortion. Therefore, precautions are always better. The use of condoms or pills after sex will ensure that a girl does not need to have an abortion. More importantly, if the couple is careful enough, then no pregnancy will occur.

Even in countries where abortion is legalized, women cannot have abortions at any time. Abortions should only be performed when necessary and not otherwise.