Treat Your Keratosis Pilaris Today from the Best Dermatologists in Hyderabad

What is Keratosis Pilaris? 

Keratosis Pilaris is a non-threatening skin condition whereby small bumps tend to develop on the arms, buttocks, or legs. They can be red, brown or white in colour. It is often also referred to as Chicken skin in general. They are painless and experienced by approximately 80% of teenagers. 

It can significantly affect your overall health score. A health score is often also referred to as the wellness score or the fitness score. It is a measure of your physical well-being, considering several factors.

What are the Symptoms of the Ailment? 

The prominent symptoms of Keratosis Pilaris include: 

  • The reddish or pinkish texture of the bumps developing on the skin.
  • The skin is itchy and irritable at all times. 
  • The dryness that aggravates during the winter season makes the symptoms even worse. 
  • Bumps that appear like sandpaper – rough and textured. 
  • Look like pimples.

What are the Causes of Keratosis Pilaris, and Who is Most Susceptible to the Same? 

There is a slight ambiguity in the exact cause known for causing the said illness. Some people consider it genetic, while others call it a genetic trait. 

The bumps in substance are collections of dead skin cells. As a result, they can clog your pores (hair follicles) instead of cracking off. The undue effect on your physical appearance then tends to slow down your health score.

A list of people commonly affected is listed out hereunder:

  • People with fair or light skin.
  • Group of people that are considered obese or over-weight.
  • Asthmatic patients
  • Sufferers of skin conditions like eczema, ichthyosis, Vulgaris, and the like.
  • Children or teenagers in general.

How is the Complaint Diagnosed and Treated? 

A modest physical examination is usually sufficient to confirm the existence of infirmity. However, some dermatologists might consider taking a sample of the skin to rule out the possibility of any other combined illness.

The bumps, in this case, are generally found on your arms, cheeks, legs, and buttocks. A proper diagnosis with the best dermatologists in Hyderabad can help you know the concern at the earliest. And can prescribe you the best available medication. 

It is usually common that the bumps fade as you age. Further, your health care provider can recommend several treatment options as enumerated underneath:      

Laser Treatments

In case of severe redness and inflammation, when the other medical treatments fail to work, the laser works perfectly to provide clear skin. Consult the best dermatologists in Hyderabad today to get the process started. 

Advisory Skin Care Routine 

It is recommended by experts to follow a set pattern to relish your skin to prevent it from causing dryness and irritation:
Make sure you use moisturizers on a daily basis. 
Try and use humidifiers to create a humid aura around yourself.
Prefer to shower or bath with lukewarm water instead of hot water. 
Try to take short showers of 15 minutes or preferably less. 


Exfoliation helps remove the dead skin. However, too much scrubbing can alternatively make the symptoms worse. Using a loofah to gently clear out the affected areas can go a long way in setting the right practices. 

Over the Counter Creams

Specifically customized Vitamin A creams, for instance, Retin-A, might be prescribed by your healthcare provider to ease symptoms in the long run.  The best dermatologists in Hyderabad can help you find the one that suits you the best.  
At the same time, it is advised that too much of everything is bad. Overuse can cause irritation. 

Moisturizing Lotions

Moisturizing the skin helps soothe and soften the bumps, prevents irritation and dryness, which makes them an easy go-to solution for immediate relief. 
Moisturizers with contents like ammonium lactate and alpha hydroxyl acids, such as Am-Lactin or CeraVe SA cream, are generally used to treat the infection. 

Though it is a non-harmful skin condition, it can be a reason for remorse to many as it is capable of being bothersome and infuriating. It can leave an influence on your looks and overall personality, leaving you low on confidence. A health score calculator can help you know where you stand in terms of your overall well-being. 

It makes it highly imperative to be treated at the earliest. So look for the best dermatologists in Hyderabad now and get it treated by the experts that know it all.

Furthermore, it is essential to illustrate the fact that the treatments explicated above are temporary. Continual treatment with timely follow-ups with your health practitioner can help you achieve the desired results and improve your health score in general.   

Is Keratosis Pilaris Transmissible? 

No, the ailment is not contagious and cannot be transferred from one person to another.