Top Places to Visit in Oklahoma

Top Places to Visit in Oklahoma
Top Places to Visit in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of the best getaway tourist destinations, which people usually ignore. The city is known for its endless museums like Philbrook Museum of Art and Museum of Great Plains, the best highway in the entire US, Route 66, and many other top attractions. However, the highly populated cities of Oklahoma, like Oklahoma city itself and Tusa, Oklahoma, give you the perfect city vibes. Here you get bull roaming the town’s streets and many highly extensive wildlife species preserved in their preservation centers. We have listed all the amazing places one can visit when he is in Oklahoma. 

Route 66

There is no highway like Route 66. This highway places through many cities such as Tulsa, Clinton City, Elk City, etc. Although the road runs across 3,940 km, there are many attractions on the way. The Route 66 Museum, Golden Driller, and Transportation Museum are some of them. The best place to learn more about Route 66 highway is in Route 66 Museum in Clinton. You can check out the American Airlines Booking option on their website to book a quick flight to Oklahoma and then rent a car for a road trip to this amazing highway. 

Philbrook Museum of Art

Philbrook Museum of Art has attracted many tourists over the year. This art gallery is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The museum has many art pieces from some of the most famous artists. Along with that, the gardens outside the museum are beautiful. They are the perfect location for capturing some pictures of your trip and making the experience unforgettable. However, it is advised to visit the museum’s website to see their opening hours and plan your visit. 

University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma has been one of the most visited tourist spots of Oklahoma. The university was set up in 1890, and over the years, it has spread along 3,000 acres of land. The main attractions of the university are the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History and the Fred Jones Jr Museum of Art. Apart from that, if you want to spend a quiet time going over some books and bibliographies, the  Bizzell Memorial Library is set up fr you inside the campus. You will find many journals and books about the history and culture of Oklahoma in this library. 

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Oklahoma City Zoo

Are you planning to come to Oklahoma along with your kids? Well, in that case, make sure you take them to Oklahoma City Zoo. There are over 500 species of animals and jungles, train rides, and exhibits from which your child can gain knowledge while having fun. You get to experience elephant shows where the elephants are trained to perform tricks for you. You can also go boating while you are in the zoo and see the entire zoo clearly from amidst the water. 

Marland Estate Mansion

Marland Estate mansion is situated in the Ponka City of Oklahoma. This is considered the second home of the very famous E. W. Marland, a millionaire oilman. The house is an entire package of adventure. There are over 55 rooms. Outside the house, there is a boathouse, an artist studio, and a swimming pool. Apart from Marland Estate Mansion, Marland is another small residence in the same city known by the name Marland’s Grand Home.

Museum of the Great Plains, Lawton

If you want to get closer to the history of Oklahoma, the Museum of the Great plains is the home for many historical shreds of evidence. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and On Sundays between 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. At the Museum of the Great plains, you will see a few historic buildings; train deports, schoolhouses, and trading posts.  

National Weather Center

Due to extreme weather conditions of Oklahoma, such as tornados, lightning, and excessive heat, it is exciting to visit the National Weather Center of Oklahoma. It is a 5-floor high building including many climatologists, engineers, and support staff. The baggage policy of this center is also very strict. The visitors are allowed only to carry a small clutch or a tote bag inside the center. You need to make a booking if you want to experience how experts analyze the upcoming weather conditions of Oklahoma inside this center.

Oklahoma Aquarium

If you want to experience some marine life during your trip, visit Oklahoma Aquarium. This aquarium has the world’s largest collective of bullhead sharks. There are many exhibits, such as the Shark Adventure exhibit, where you get to see these sharks gracefully swimming through the tunnels. 

Oklahoma must be on the travel list of everyone. This place is beautiful on its own and has so much to explore. If you decide to visit this place, you can check out American Airlines book a flight available on their official website.

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