This Chai Experiment Has Sent The Internet Abuzz (Video Inside)


India is a land of aromatic brews. While coffee has its share of fans, tea or chai has its own loyal fanbase. We have those chai lovers who love to stick to the old-school mil tea brew. We also have a few tea fans who simply love to experiment. Whether it’s out of curiosity or to deliver good social media content, many people in India are trying various experiments with tea. Instagram blogger Chahat Anand’s milk tea experiment seems to have grabbed many eyeballs on the Internet. In a video, Chahat is seen boiling two packaged bars of the white chocolate, Milkybar, in a saucepan. Then, we see her pouring the molten white chocolate into a saucepan of brewing tea. She mixes the ingredients and adds milk to the saucepan. Later, she strains and pours the milk tea into a cup.

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The caption reads, “Share this with someone who should try this. Roj chai kon peeta hai yaha (who are the ones who drink tea every day here)?” Have a look at the experiment here.


Milky tea or milky bar tea?

Some users dropped heart-eye emojis and were encouraged to try the recipe. A user commented, “Chai is love but yeh nahi pee kabhi. Abhi karengetry [Tea is love but I have never tried this. Will try it now].” Another said, “Milkybar chai sounds sweet.”

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However, some preferred the usual milk tea and this experiment did not go down well with them. “Chai ke sath aisa mazak [Fooling around with tea] Please don’t do these types of things with chai… Chai is love. Chai is everything,” read one of the reactions.


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