The Power of Technology on Today’s Dairy Farms


I in no way concept that one of the most critical gear on my own family dairy farm changed into going to be our wi-fi connection. Like almost all people, my telephone has become greater than just a easy communique tool – it’s my connection to the arena.

Living tucked in a small valley and spending my time in dairy barns with steel roofs, cell provider was notoriously a trouble in our little pocket of new hampshire. There was that one spot on the driveway on a clean day, in case you held your hand up excessive and at just the proper angle, you simply might hear the “ping” saying a text message.

Our location close to the new england populace centers round boston ultimately meant that broadband internet observed its manner into our lives and with it, came a wi-fi sign inside the barn and the pings of messages that come with it!

The use of era can help us bridge gaps in area or even time zones.
My sister, courtney, and that i commenced our first-technology farm after a few summers displaying cows and getting worried in our local 4-h club.

We were fortunate sufficient to have first rate aid from our parents, who cherished the concept of beginning a commercial enterprise together that covered cost-added processing of our own puddings.

As our enterprise has grown from that first handful of jersey and milking shorthorn heifers, our interests and lives have grown as properly. Courtney now has two kids, ages 7 and eleven. I’ve evolved a passion for agencies like farm bureau and traveling.

Then, 4 and a half of years in the past, we decided to put in a lely robotic milking device to create more flexibility for family, volunteer commitments and tour. Robot milkers offer an automatic manner for cows to be milked on their very own schedule, instead of by way of humans at particular times every day.

We knew that taking the plunge into ams (automated milking structures) could convey hard work savings and flexibility to our schedules. We didn’t expect how a lot statistics could come with it and the energy of that technology to control our herd as man or woman cows. The ams has created an surroundings that can be continuously stepped forward, with an experience for the cow this is cozy, permitting her to perform at her satisfactory during each lactation.

The new milking system includes pastime neck tracking collars that continuously “learn” about every individual cow’s conduct. Each cow is flagged for attention while activity and ingesting behaviors are distinct from her norms.

The system constantly monitors every cow’s temperature and milk nice, permitting us to find fitness troubles faster and intervene with appropriate therapeutic measures whilst wished. There’s extremely good strength at our fingertips, with the capability to look challenges in actual time and quickly make corrective tweaks.

One of the overarching demanding situations inherent in being involved with agriculture is how a whole lot is out of our manage. The weather and even a international pandemic can create roadblocks. We need to constantly evolve to live ahead of demanding situations. Today’s farmers ought to be more bendy and creative to clear up issues and all people in distinct kinds of agriculture should locate methods to work collectively.

This is wherein the actual power of technology can be felt. The identical wi-fi that connects me to the arena, connects me to experts from near and a long way.

After which there’s the electricity of social media and the manner it connects us to different farms around the globe. A trouble with my robot in the midnight may have once supposed a name to a technician who would journey to our farm. Now, it is able to be a query posed to the lely fb organization, and while it’s 1 a.M. In new hampshire, it’s 7 a.M. Inside the netherlands. There’s a farmer there who has seen the problem earlier than and might assist me find a manner to solve it.

The strength of having the ability to hook up with different farmers became even more important for the duration of the pandemic, while we had been isolated on our farms. Using technology can help us bridge gaps in place or even time zones. We’ve definitely come a long manner from simply that little “ping.”

Beth hodge is a dairy farmer and farm bureau member in new hampshire. She’s additionally a member of the yank farm bureau’s grassroots outreach (move) group and the corporation’s companions in advocacy leadership elegance 10.