The best tips to maintain your cricket Memorabilia

cricket Memorabilia

Buying a piece of sports memorabilia is the best investment you can make. Considering how Cricket has been an integral part of every young kid growing up in India, cricket memorabilia Australia becomes more special. These also hold an emotional power because they provide a feeling to the passionate fans of the sports that they were also a part of the history of their favorite team and player.

And if you are somebody who has a unique collection of signed t-shirts, quality prints, cricket balls and cricket bats, then here’s some advisory tips that you might need to savour all of these prized possessions.

Own vintage leather? Take utmost care of it.

Anything that is associated with the vintage leather in the cricket memorabilia should be nicely taken care of. You must not use any kind of cream or oil on it. In case you see any dirt accumulation, use a cloth to wipe it out and let it dry. There are also leather conditioners available in the market, prefer to use them. This way, you can savour the leather for years to come.

 Store with extra care-

The personal collection of your cricket memorabilia should be taken extra care as being said. This would mean to keep all the items whether they are cricket bats or cricket balls in a controlled temperature without it being too humid. Prefer to keep all these items in an archival box which would also protect it from any kind of dust, pests, or dirt.

Storing it? Wash them first

If you have been lucky enough to get your hands on the t-shirts of your favorite players, you might prefer to wash it properly and then obviously dry it thoroughly. Before storing it in the archival box, you can check on the germs, dirt and any other kind of patches on the uniform.

Special artefacts, store them in display case-

There are few special and unique artifacts which also have a risk of breaking apart, hence to keep them protected, it becomes important to have a customised display case for them. One added bonus of the same is that they look professional as well as presentable to the people you would want to show. 

Hence, the most important advisory tips for cricket memorabilia is to handle them with care. And with the above tips mentioned, you can easily manage to maintain the cricket memorabilia that you have got because you were lucky to have one which others were still struggling to find.