Small Business App Development: Top 7 Ideas to Consider

Small Business App Development

Web apps are a fantastic way to reach customers, interact with employees, or otherwise connect with the company. Today, there are plenty of ways businesses can use web apps to their advantage. Since these apps are less expensive to develop compared to native apps, business owners may want to consider one or more of the following ideas for their company.

Dashboard for the CEO

The CEO needs to be able to quickly view information about the business when they’re ready to make decisions. Today’s iPhone app developers can create a web app that serves as a dashboard for the CEO, providing easy access to all of the information they might need on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Use this type of web app to make it easier to keep track of everything and keep everything in one place, so it’s faster to find when any data is needed.

New Employee Software

New employees often require training to get them up to speed on how the company handles various aspects of the job. Often, this requires a significant amount of work going through paperwork, reading, and watching videos about the company. As part of the onboarding process, it may be beneficial to point the new employees to a web app they can use. This can be set up to personalize the content or provide all of the information new employees may need as they get started.

Paperwork Management

Paperwork that needs to be secured can be completed via a web app. The web app,  the way it’s created, must be secure. When the paperwork is done in the web app, it’s securely uploaded to the company to be viewed. Paperwork can be filled out by employees, customers, or anyone interested in the business, depending on what the company needs. This can be used in a variety of ways and allow for paperwork to be filled out easier without security risks.

Personalized Payments

When consumers need to make regular payments to a business, a web app can create a personalized experience for them. Once the consumer is signed in, they’ll be able to view their bill, pay the bill with their preferred payment method, and view other information as needed. Like with the paperwork management app, the payments are secured, so consumers don’t need to worry about their information being stolen when they use the web app to make payments.

Social Platform

If there isn’t already a social network for the industry, businesses may want to create one. Even if there is one, it may pay off to create a new one. Customers can not only learn more about the business but can connect with each other to discuss new ways they’ve used products, tips and tricks, and a lot more. This boosts customer engagement, creating more repeat customers for the business.

Specials and Coupons

Small business owners may not offer coupons regularly because they’re worried about missing out on profits. When profits are small, this is a real concern. However, there are ways to start offering more coupons to bring in business. A business owner who opts to offer coupons or other specials for their customers may want to create a web app just for this purpose. Consumers can open the app to take advantage of the deals, learning about new products or services at the same time. This can help create repeat customers interested in saving money while enjoying the products or services offered by the business.

On-Demand Services

More consumers are looking for on-demand services. Some of the most well-known examples of this are rideshare programs or video streaming services. However, almost any business can take advantage of this and bring in new customers. Consider what consumers might need quickly or want on-demand and how it can connect to the business. Then, work with an app developer to create an app that makes it easy for consumers to take advantage of the new service.

Consider the numerous ways web apps can be used for your business. These are just a few of the ways a web app can be used to boost the business, whether that’s to help with onboarding, make managing the company easier, or connect with customers and increase sales. With a little creativity, a web app can be used in just about any way to enrich the business. Once you have an idea or two, connect with a developer to start making your ideas a reality.