Shruti Haasan Interacts With Fans, Talks About Her Love For Grocery Shopping


If you are a fan of actress Shruti Haasan, you would be aware that she is a self-confessed foodie. The actress enjoys taking her taste buds on a ride while trying out a variety of lip-smacking food. And, sometimes, she plays chef to treat her loved ones. A quick scroll through her Instagram timeline is a testimony of this. The actress also likes to interact with her online family. She recently conducted an “Ask-me-anything” session on Instagram where her fans wanted to know a bit more about her foodie side.

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One question read, “Do you like pickles?” To this, Shruti Haasan answered, “I love pickles and my favourite is Poondu Urugai.” She cheekily adds that it’s bad for the breath. Poondu Urugai is a delectable garlic preparation. Shruti further stated that she likes mango pickles too. 


Then, someone said, “You forgot the Thakkali pickle?” Shruti replied saying that she did not forget thakkali pickle but she likes “thakkali thokku”, which is very different. Thakkali thokku is a popular south-Indian style flavourful tomato chutney. 


Shruti Haasan also opened up about her love for grocery shopping. When a fan asked if she gets her groceries or has an assistant appointed for that purpose, Shruti stated, “I do my own grocery shopping whenever I can. Because I like to cook, I like to touch the food and be in charge of what’s in my kitchen. So, whenever I can, I do the grocery shopping myself. I enjoy it, it’s so fun and therapeutic.”


Shruti Haasan likes to engage with her Instafam from time to time. She often organises ‘Ask-me-anything’ sessions and spills the beans on her favourite food items. Some time ago, when Shruti interacted with fans, she discussed her favourite food, dessert and much more.

She also stated that she is fond of typical South Indian meals served on a banana leaf. The actress loves to devour chocolates every now and then. A bar of black forest flavoured chocolate, potato chip chocolate and white chocolates are some of her favourite picks. When a fan asked Shruti about her favourite dessert, the actress posted pictures of the Japanese sweet dish Mochi ice cream along with jalebis and fresh berry cream.   

Shruti Haasan’s food choices are interesting, what do you think?


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