Sannas Recipe: How To Make Sweet And Savory Fluffy Goan Idlis (Recipe Inside)


Think of Goa and the first thing that comes into our minds are pristine beaches, bustling parties, and picturesque landscapes – all in all, it’s a holiday paradise! However, it will be unfair to talk about Goa without talking about its delectable food. A heavenly medley of Portuguese, Konkani, and other south Indian flavours, the traditional Goan curries and dishes hit all the right spots when it comes to taste and richness. A predominantly non-vegetarian cuisine, the seafood, chicken, mutton, and pork dishes are definitely worth the hype! But, whenever we talk about Goan food, we seem to stop at the threshold of curries and sabzi, but what about the accompaniments? The flatbreads and the rice? What do Goans usually scoop out their curries with? Well, if that thought has ever crossed your mind, we’ve got just the answer for you.


Goan idli Sannas are both sweet and savory

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Turns out that many Goan households depend on a soft and fluffy steamed rice cake as a side dish to enjoy the classic Goan curries and dishes. These rice cakes are called sannas and are a sweet and savory version of idlis. The recipe for sannas has a number of variations, depending on the time of the day and the meal in hand. You can make sweet sannas for breakfast or evening tea; these are made with jaggery and called godachi sanna. You can make them slightly sweet and savory to accompany any Goan mutton or prawn curry, or you can even try one of the traditional recipes which call for toddy (palm wine) in place of the coconut water usually used today. No matter which version you try, the sannas will cook perfectly soft, fluffy, and delicious! Want a complete Goan feast the next time? Try making these fluffy sannas to impress your friends and family.

How To Make Goan Sannas l Goan Idli, Sannas Recipe:

There are many versions for the recipe of sannas, some use urad dal while some don’t. We are giving you a simple recipe that requires just the basic ingredients to make these soft and delicious Goan idlis.

Wash idli rice and soak overnight. Grind into fine paste by using coconut water or plain water. Add coconut grated coconut and mix salt and sugar. Cover and let this ferment for another couple of hours. Pour batter in round shallow bowls and steam for around 15 minutes.

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Pair it with Goan mutton vindaloo or enjoy with your morning tea – let us know how you like these Goan idlis in the comments below.


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