Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Much More Durable Than Predecessor, Shows Test


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 was put through the bend, scratch, and fire test of JerryRigEverything where it has proved to be durable. The foldable phone is seen passing the bend test and its outer display was more scratch-proof than the inner foldable screen. YouTuber Zach Nelson also put it through a sand test and the hinge was unfazed, closing and opening the phone effortlessly. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 durability video testifies that the company has significantly improved the foldable phone compared to its predecessor.

JerryRigEverything puts the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 through a series of tests in his latest video. Nelson begins with the scratch test on the outer smaller screen, which scratches at level 6 on Moh’s scale with deeper grooves on level 7. The inner display starts scratching at level 1 itself. The metal frame and the side-mounted fingerprint scanner also easily scratches with a blade. The fingerprint scanner continues to work seamlessly even after several splices and scratches.

Nelson then puts the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 through a fire test and the pixels of its outer display start burning in about 25 seconds. The inner display sees more damage with even its plastic slightly melting from fire exposure. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 bend test sees the phone slightly losing shape but it doesn’t experience any cracks or breaking of the frame. The hinge of the foldable phone remains “unhinged” even when Nelson puts a lot of pressure on the phone.

Lastly, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is showered with beach sand to see if that causes any damage or hindrance to the hinge. Last year’s foldable phone saw noticeable friction when exposed to sand, but the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 seems to survive the test easily. Overall, the JerryRigEverything test gave the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 a thumbs up in durability.

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