Salmon DNA: Skin Rejuvenation Guide

With the aging process, as well as the influence of various environmental factors, the grade of our skin starts to deteriorate. Due to decreases in collagen and hyaluronic acid content of the skin, it loses its natural color and appears dull and dry. Salmon DNA treatment is one of the very most secure and efficient ways of making skin appear livelier, smoother and younger.

What’s Salmon DNA?

Salmon DNA is applied by subcutaneous administration of polynucleotide DNA molecules and hyaluronic acid produced from salmon fish sperm. When this special formula is injected into the skin, it rejuvenates your skin by assisting to regenerate the skin and reduce the existing fine, and medium wrinkles. It offers visible vitality, rejuvenation and brilliancy to your skin. Hence, it is generally known as a youth vaccine.

Who will be the Candidates of Salmon DNA Therapy?

It could be performed in virtually any season for each skin texturewithout any discomfort for folks over 18 years of age who completed their physiologic, and mental development.

For Whom is Salmon DNA Therapy Contraindicated?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women and people with:

A blood clotting problem,
A skin infection at the application site,
A known allergy to the content of the vaccine used,
Acne and / or active inflammatory disease and also
Patients treated with drugs that weaken the disease fighting capability (Immunotherapy).

Which Problematic Areas Provide Reap the benefits of Salmon DNA?

Salmon DNA is applied to forehead, cheeks, chin, upper lips, neck, décolleté, back of the hand, and around the eyes. Furthermore, it’s been observed that it gives favourable results when it’s applied on the pregnancy cracks and stretchmarks. Additionally it is put into the agents found in mesotherapy requested the treating hair loss. Positive results are obtained with Salmon DNA treatment which really is a highly ground breaking and creative process applied to improve skin quality to give it a shining beauty.

The actual fact that your skin looks younger, brighter, tighter and alive and it could be done in every seasons is the main reason behind choosing this method.

PDRN improved the skin repair process and enhanced wound-breaking strength in diabetic animals Skin Defects Where Salmon DNA is Applied;

Large pores formed on your skin,
Skin spots formed consequently of stress, polluting of the environment, smoking, alcohol use, and excessive exposure to sunlight,
Skin deformations due to aging,
Fine wrinkles on the facial skin,
Goose foot wrinkles across the eyes,
Wrinkles on the lip (smoker lines).

What are your skin Rejuvenating Features Given Salmon DNA vaccine?

It supports, strengthens, and moisturizes skin texture. Although a reduction in fine skin lines is not observed, it confers firmness, shining vividity and elasticity to your skin. It plays an integral role in the regeneration of your skin and gives your skin healthier, vivid and a smoother appearance. After every session, the skin texture is reinforced and its own elasticity increases.

How Many Sessions of Salmon DNA Treatment are Applied?

Based on the skin structure, and requirements of the individuals, it is applied in 1-5 sessions within an interval of 15-20 minutes. In cases with severe skin deformations, curative treatment comprising 3 sessions is preferred. Applications are performed at 2 week-intervals and its favourable effects are found even your day following the first session.

How Salmon DNA Treatment is conducted?

First, an anesthetic cream is put on numb the application form site. Then, Salmon DNA is injected to specific points under your skin using very fine needles. That is a painless anti-aging procedure.

Is There Any Downtime After Treatment?

Following the procedure, regions of mild redness, punctate bruising and tiny swellings may be viewed on your skin , nonetheless they will spontaneously resolve within a short while. Following this procedure the individual can resume his / her lifestyle. It might be performed even at noon between working hours.

Can this process be Carried out As well as Other Methods?

Salmon DNA application can be performed in blend with other procedures as injections of filling materials, PRP, b0t0x laser needling, peeling ve radiofrequency applications.