Ratan Tata Celebrates Air India Win With Adorable Flight-Shaped Cookies


Tata Group has recently gained possession of government-owned airlines Air India. This marks the return of the airlines to the Tata Group after 68 years. It is touted to be one of the major business deals between the public and private sector in the past year. Interestingly, Air India was originally established by JRD Tata 89 years ago. The acquisition generated immense interest in business circles and social media in the recent past. In fact, Tata Sons chairman emeritus Ratan Tata took to Instagram to show how he was celebrating the win by the Tata group. He shared a click of an adorable flight-shaped cookie that was sent to him as a gift. “Welcome back Air India,” read the inscription on the side of the cookie. Take a look:


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“Thank you for these adorable cookies,” he wrote in the caption. The icing of the cookie was red and white, which are the trademark colours of Air India. The cookie was created by Sir Ratan Tata Institute – a not-for-profit bakery in Mumbai started in 1928 by Lady Navajbai Tata. The aim of the establishment is to provide gainful employment to women through serving and cooking delicious Parsi food, cakes, confectioneries, and savouries.

On Friday, 8th October, Ratan Tata had shared the official announcement about Tata Group winning the bid for Air India. The tweet has received nearly 400k likes and 83k retweets since it was shared. He shared an image of Mr. JRD Tata flying by Air India at a time when the prestigious airlines had gained international repute. Take a look:

“The Tata Group winning the bid for Air India is great news! While admittedly it will take considerable effort to rebuild Air India, it will hopefully provide a very strong market opportunity to the Tata Group’s presence in the aviation industry,” he wrote in the letter shared on Twitter. He also thanked the government for opening up select industries to the private sector.

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