Rakul Preet Singh’s “Dinner Tales” From Lucknow Include Gorging On Delicious Treats


An exciting new project, enriching Nawabi vibes and some delicious food — what else could Rakul Preet Singh ask for? The actress is set to get along with the shoot for her next film Chhatriwali. The team has already reached Lucknow for the shoot. But all this fervour wouldn’t be worth the while if there wasn’t any good food on Rakul’s plate. We know the foodie in her. For us, it can only be exciting to get a glimpse of her scrumptious treats. The health buff picked a goat cheese watermelon salad on her recent food outing with her team.

She posted a photo of the dish and wrote, “Best goat cheese watermelon salad.”


Rakul Preet enjoys a goat cheese watermelon salad

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But salads aren’t the only thing that Rakul Preet Singh is gushing about. The actress also shared a photo of a dessert dish on Instagram Stories. The plate seems to include chocolate brownies served with a set of white cream coated balls. The dish was garnished with rose petals and basil leaves. Rakul wrote, “Dinner tales. Lucknow.”


The delicious dessert was topped with rose petals

The actress’s food diaries get regular entries, thanks to her indulgences. But we aren’t complaining. Rakul Preet Singh’s love for food shows on her face. So, her birthday couldn’t have been anything less than a yummy treat. Rakul’s birthday photo dump shows us five delicious cakes for the occasion. We spot three chocolate cakes alongside a strawberry rosette cake. The fifth is a roll cake with lots of sliced strawberries on it. Who wouldn’t hug these delectable cakes as Rakul does?

Have you heard about Rakul Preet Singh’s “see food diet”? Well, the humorous term usually means that you eat every food that you see. Rakul did just that. She recently posted a photo of a plate of irresistible puris or deep-fried puffy bread on Instagram Stories. The snapshot, at once, made us drool. The actress wrote, “See food diet” to sum it up.

Mostly, Rakul Preet Singh sticks to a healthy diet regime. Her friends and co-workers are well aware of the actress’ food preferences. So, when Rakul’s team welcomed her onboard their new project, they gave her some goodies on set, which included plates of granola bars, chocolates, coconut water, ginger tea, sugar-free cookies, dry apricots and many such healthy treats. Rakul received the gift wholeheartedly and also showed it to her fans. She wrote, “And we begin! I love it that everybody knows that I have to be given healthy stuff.”


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