Photo Tips for Potential Beginners

Photo tips

Learn from professionals

Sounds too simple and not true. But: Learn from experts. Check out the photobook. Browse the online photo gallery. Look at the pictures that have a special effect on you and see where the effect comes from. Then try to imitate this image in the next shot. This is what generations of photographers have done before you learn from more experienced people.

Change your point of view

Most beginners pick up the Digital camera, hold it on the subject and pull the trigger. The main motif is in the middle, and there are many meaningless things around it. Think about your subject before you press the shutter button next time.

What else does the photo need to contain, or does the main motif work better? If your photo needs more elements: The main motif is not always centered. It usually works much better if you place it slightly off center of the image.

Light and shadow

Light is the photographer’s greatest friend and enemy at the same time. It starts with a nasty problem from backlit photography to night views. But the same is true here. try it. Play with different light sources. Take pictures of your motifs with candles, various lamps, fireplaces, flashlights, and more. In the age of digital photography, you can give it a try without regrets. Based on the results, you can see what works and what doesn’t.

When it gets dark, it uses a higher ISO value. Use a tripod to prevent camera shake during long exposures. If you don’t have a tripod, place the camera on the wall to minimize camera shake.

Practical Tip : Document the results of your work! Create your own photo book. At school, I wrote down my assignments in a notebook and could see them again later. So: Take notes on your successful recording.

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