Nepalese Jhol Momos Is The Fiery Winter Delight That You Must-Try


When we think of Indian food, the first thing that comes to our mind is the array of street food available. With everything from spicy to mild to sweet to fried, grilled, and even baked options, Indian street food is all about indulgence. And one such street dish that has taken over the hearts of many are momos. While some enjoy steamed momos, others prefer tandoori momos. However, if you want a twist of taste in this dish, then here we bring you a delicious recipe of jhol momos that you must try! As unique as this dish sounds, we can assure you that you will love the taste of it. These jhol momos have a soupy base which is made out of masalas, tomatoes, onions and chillies. Once the base is ready, the momos are then dipped in the jhol (soup) and devoured!

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Hailing from Nepal, jhol momos are generally made with minced meat, but you can also make a vegetarian version of it. While most Nepalis regard momos as more of a snack rather than a full meal, the jhol momos is definitely the latter. Its tasty, hearty and fulfilling flavour warms you up from the inside, especially in winters. So, if you also want to indulge in its fiery deliciousness, then here we bring you a yummy recipe of jhol momos that you can easily make at home. Read the recipe below.


How To Make Jhol Momos | Jhol Momos Recipe

First, to make the momos, take minced meat and season it with masalas and garlic. Then prepare dough from all-purpose flour, salt and oil for the momos. Roll out this dough, add in the filling and steam the momos.

Now for the jhol, take tomato pure and cook it. Then add red chilli, salt, pepper, turmeric and ginger. Then once it starts to thicken, add water and let it boil. Pour this jhol in a bowl and add in the momos from the top!

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Once done, garnish with coriander leaves and enjoy!

For the full recipe of jhol momos, click here.

Make this yummy delight, and let us know how you liked the taste of it!


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