Navratri 2021: 7 Regional Vrat-Friendly Snacks For Tea Time Indulgence


Navaratri 2021 started on the 7th Of October will last till the 15th of October. In the span of these nine days, people worship nine forms of Goddess Durga. Many devotees observe the ritualistic fast on these days and avoid eating onion, garlic, some grains amongst other food items. While rice and atta are prohibited, samwat ke chawal and singhare ka aata replace these items; similarly, sendha namak is used to flavour curries and recipes only use dry spices and ginger to add flavour. That being said, if you are worried that by giving up these everyday ingredients you will also be giving up on your taste buds altogether, you are completely wrong! Because the ingredients used during the fast are as versatile as the regular ones, to prove the point here are some of the regional snacks that you can enjoy with the vrat approved food items. From tikki to samosa, the list features almost all of our favourite snacks that are permissible for the vrat.

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Navaratri 2021: 7 Vrat special regional snacks:

1. Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa:

We Indians love samosa, and there are no two ways about it. The moment we say chai samosa, every single face in the room lights up, so why to give up on this crowd favourite even when you are fasting, try making this singhare ke aata ka samosa and enjoy while on your vrat. Click here for the recipe.


Navratri 2021: Make vrat friendly samosa at home

2. Kache kele ki tikki:

Kache kele ki tikki is a well know Awadhi dish meaning it is mainly savoured in Lucknow and surrounding areas. These juicy soft tikkis are scrumptious and high on the flavour quotient. The raw bananas tikki uses dry spices like dhaniya powder, jeera powder, garam masala, sendha namak and some fresh coriander. Pair it with a creamy and cooling curd dip to take the dish to a next level. Here is the recipe for you.

3. Samak Dosa:

Dosa can be enjoyed as any kind of meal, but this instant dosa recipe is especially perfect for those evening snack hankerings. Made with samwat ke chawal, enjoy it as it is or fill it up with some delicious potato filling. Want to give this a try? Click here for the recipe.


Navaratri 2021: Make vrat friendly samak dosa at home

4. Peanut Sundal:

Loaded on the south Indian flavours, this peanut sundal is a refreshing take on the various chaats that you have to avoid during the fast. Quit easy to make and time-saving too. If you are stuck with munching on plain peanuts during your fast, give it a flavourful upgrade with this recipe. Here is how you can make it at home.

5. Dhokla:

The tangy and soft dhokla is one of our favourite Gujarati snacks made at home that we might have needed to give up on the days of our vrat. But not anymore, because turns out there is a vrat special recipe that uses samwat ke chawal and tastes just like the regular dhokla. Now you don’t need to sacrifice your go-to healthy snack, make it at home with this easy recipe here.


Navratri 2021: Make vrat friendly dhokla at home

6. Mathi/Mathri:

Generally famous around North India and Punjab, mathri has found takers all over the country recently. And if like us you have been craving that crunchy flavourful snack with your evening tea, worry not! Because here is a recipe that lets you enjoy the crispy toothsome mathri even when you are on your fast. Click here for the recipe.

7. Makhana Bhel:

Another quick and crispy street snack that we would usually munch on the regular days was the Mumbai special flavoursome bhel. While different chaats are restricted for the vrat, let alone going out to munch on delicious bhels right? Wrong! Because this makahna bhel recipe is vrat approved and is as masaledaar as the regular one! Try it out for yourself, click here for the recipe.


Navratri 2021: Make vrat friendly makhana bhel at home

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We hope you enjoy trying these vrat special regional snacks from across the country. Let us know what are you making first, in the comments below.

Happy Navratri 2021!


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