Navaratri 2021: How To Make Vrat-Friendly Samosa


Navaratri 2021 is here! People all over India are gearing up to prepare for this festival with a lot of joy and vigour. One of the most important parts of celebrating any festival is the food we eat. Food is what unites people and food is what makes a celebration feel like a celebration. Especially Navaratri, this festival is celebrated by keeping a fast and only eating vrat-friendly food. Some of the rules of fasting during Navaratri is to avoid atta, avoid salt and avoid onion and garlic. Keeping these simple rules in mind, we have found a vrat-friendly method of making samosas. Now you don’t have to go hungry during chai time during Navaratri.


These samosas are filled with chironji.

How To Make Vrat-Friendly Samosa | Singhare Ke Atta Ke Samosa Recipe:

The recipe of these samosas is divided into two parts. The first part involves making the filling and the second part involves making the dough.

As this samosa is vrat-friendly, the filling cannot be made using potatoes. We’ll use chironji for this recipe. Grind the chironji. In a pan, heat ghee and saute jeera. Once it splutters, add chironji, chilli powder, coriander powder, white rock salt and elaichi powder. The filling is ready.

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Boil water, ghee and pinch of white rock salt. Add singhare ka atta, arrowroot and mix it well in the water. Over low heat, keep mixing the dough till combined. Let the dough cool down. Start rolling dough into the shape of samosas and fill it with the filling. Seal the samosas. Deep fry the samosas till they are golden brown.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Vrat-Friendly Samosas.

Sounds easy, right? Spend this Navaratri celebration eating these delicious vrat-friendly samosas. Try out this recipe and tell us how you liked it!

Happy Navaratri 2021!


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